5 Ways To Get Fit Without The Gym

5 Ways To Get Fit Without The Gym

I get it, Staying active can be practically impossible if you’re working most of the time and have a lot of commitments. But I truly believe that anyone can be healthy and fit, whether you have a gym membership or not. So here are some of the ways that you can get active without going to the gym.

Different Ways To Get Active On A Budget

Go For Walks As Much Possible

Walking is the simplest activity that you can do to lose the extra weight and get fit. Done correctly, walking regularly can reduce body fat and can increase cardiovascular fitness.

Do it with your friends, find some beautiful parks to walk, walk to your work, pick stairs instead of getting the lift or perhaps jog while listening to your favorite podcast.

Drink Water

Prioritize drinking water over other beverages like sodas and see how your body improves. As your body gets enough water, it will cleanse and detoxify itself from toxins in your body,

your skin will look radiant, hydrated, and flawless too. Bring your own reusable water bottle and avoid plastic bottles not only is it better for the planet but also way cheaper.

Exercise While Watching Your Favorite Show

A personal favorite of mine: instead of lazing around binge watching shows and accidentally loading up on comfort foods that do no good, make a change by exercising while you watch your favorite shows/movies. It’s a great way to multitask, you can do slow-pace workouts such as bodyweight workouts, barre, pilates, or yoga.

Clean your Home Vigorously When You Can 

Cleaning your home in the most active way possible to kick start your metabolism. An intense cleaning routine is like doing cardio, and you can burn up to 200 calories in an hour. 

Your cleaning routine doesn’t have to take the whole day; set aside 15-20 minutes a day to clean your house actively, To make it more fun make a playlist with your favorite upbeat songs.

Work While Standing Up

working while standing up is a great way to keep your mind and body active, as opposed to sitting for hours (which is not good for your body, in the long run). Aim to stand while working for at least an hour a day, and you’ll see a major difference in your whole body. 

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