7 Piece All Year Capsule Wardrobe

7 Piece All Year Capsule Wardrobe

For anyone that wants to go for a capsule wardrobe or perhaps simply follow what Marie Kondo is preaching, knowing what clothing piece you should have is essential as it can save you money, time, and space in the long run.  These 7 clothing pieces will give you a stylish and classy look all year, without going over your budget. Here’s how.

Tops And Dresses

A Tailored Button-Up Shirt

Get this piece for a structured, classy look that is perfect for every occasion, it can be paired with almost anything. you can Button it up and tuck it in pants or a skirt for a formal look or you can let it loose and pair it with jeans for a casual look. a tailored button-up shirt is the most basic piece you can have. 

white shirt

The key is finding the perfect fit that flatter your curves (get it fit at the tailor if you have to; this piece is an investment!). I would suggest getting a white, black or beige shirt at first and later on expand to other colors or prints of your choice.

A White T-Shirt

 The white T-shirt also serves as a basic, it is a versatile piece of clothing that also matches well with other pieces. It’s perfect for casual or office wear. Choose a fitted t-shirt instead of a looser one. Get one that flatters your body, preferably with a V-shaped neckline as it is the most flattering. 

white tshirt


Dark Jeans

A pair of jeans is definitely a staple, and the bulk of your collection should be geared towards dark colors to coordinate with other pieces. (Start with black or dark navy jeans). Of course, different jeans suit different body types- for example, straight cuts are best for apple shapes, while boot-cut is more flattering towards pear shapes.



The blazer, the outerwear that’s versatile and practically a life saver as you can wear it and the blazer magically transform your whole look in an instant giving you a polished, structured, and stylish look. 

black blazer

Start with a basic black blazer that suits your body shape. (It should show the shape of your waist.)  The best length for a blazer is one that just hits your hips.


Black Pumps

Just like the blazer, a pair of good black pumps can also make you look more stylish and chic. These type of shoes are perfect for the office. Invest in high-quality ones that you can wear all year round, and preferably with a matte or light gloss finish. 

black pumps

Slip-On Sneakers

Sneakers are must-have for both men and women. The shoe gives you a rather casual-cool look and it’s also comfy to wear practically everywhere. 

This type of shoe will be practical and effortless to wear when you’re out and about instead of the lace-up ones.

Choose sneakers that are high quality (as you’ll be wearing them frequently.) It is best to go with basic colors and with a simple style to coordinate with other outfits. 


Black or Neutral Satchel

And let’s not forget about accessories. I personally think a black or neutral-color satchel is perfect for a start.

black bag

The structured design of this handbag makes it versatile to wear for both formal and informal settings. This type of bag also comes with lots of compartments and pockets so you don’t have to worry about storing your essential items.

What do you think of capsules wardrobes? Would you give it a try?

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