I Quit Social Media For A Week

I Quit Social Media For A Week

I am the biggest procrastinator there is and social media just makes it worse for me. After wasting many hours of endless Instagram scrolling and watching a ridiculous amount of YouTube videos I decided that enough is enough and that I need to put my time to good use and quit social media for a week, mostly to see if I could be more productive without so many distractions.

I have actually deleted most of my social media years ago like Snapchat twitter and now recently Facebook. I do however still have Instagram and Pinterest which I need for work mostly.

My rules are that for 7 days I am not allowed to use Instagram, YouTube, and Netflix. (Not really a social media, but I do tend to binge watch a whole new season in a day #guilty.)

What I am aiming to accomplish is to hopefully increase my productivity not only in my work but also in my life in general like enjoying my meal without staring at a screen or reading more books, etc.

Day 1:

I deleted all my social media apps from my iPhone and even blocked youtube, Instagram and Netflix on my laptop for the whole week so I would have no temptations.

The first day was actually not as hard as I thought it would be however I did find myself checking on my phone multiple times for notifications before realizing there would be none since I had everything blocked or deleted.

I was incredibly productive throughout the day I had no distractions so I managed to write 3 full articles in just a couple hours, did a full hour workout session, read 10 chapters off my new book and did my taxes. Could this actually be the solution to my procrastination and lack of motivation?

Day 2:

The first thing I do in the morning when I wake up is go on my phone and check my Instagram, ( which is a horrible habit I know) But this time because I had nothing to check I decided to do some morning yoga and let me tell you I felt GREAT! I managed to finish my book in just two days and I finally dedicated my time to my Korean lessons.

I still had the urge to check on my Instagram and see if anyone had messaged me but I just reassured myself that if it was really important they could just call or text me.

Day 3

My boyfriend kept trying to show me videos of things happening around the world or show me memes on Instagram out of habit. Eventually, he got used to me not using any social media at all and that included any videos, images or memes he wanted to share with me and actually decided to join me in this challenge.

Day 4

You would think the longer I stayed without social media the easier it would get but I actually found it harder and I had to fight the urge not to check my Instagram messages. I was feeling a bit down and all I wanted was to lay down have a snack and watch my favorite YouTubers.

Day 5

The final day of my social media experiment and I feel pretty satisfied with the results. I actually managed to get work done and be more focused and present in my everyday life and be less distracted which is what I wanted, However, I did miss just binge watching Netflix shows and sharing memes with friends from time to time.

In conclusion, I learned that taking a break from social media has definitely helped me with my procrastination problem and from today onwards I will be using less of it, However, I do not think that quitting social media altogether is realistic for me and that’s okay.

What do you think of social media? Would you be able to quit completely? Let me know what you think.


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