Mineral Makeup Is It Worth It?

Mineral Makeup Is It Worth It?

Mineral makeup has been around since the ancient times and lately, it has been trending. Trust me, if you’re not using any, then you’re truly missing out.

People have been using mineral makeup for centuries(Cleopatra, for example) however mineral makeup is quite tricky to apply to your skin, unlike other types of makeup that comes in different formulas and packaging that are easier to apply.

Mineral makeup used to be heavy for the skin Until now, mineral makeup comes in both liquid and powder, it contains skin-friendly ingredients, just like regular makeup would!
With mineral makeup, there’s no oils, fragrances, and preservatives or bulking agents that fill up the product which can be abrasive for certain skin types/issues, which is the reason why mineral makeup is popular for sensitive skin types. Plus, the ingredients itself can be harmful to the health in the long run (for example, parabens are controversial preservatives as they’re said to be potentially carcinogenic to the skin).

Mineral makeup contains minerals such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, to name a few. And yes, the zinc oxide in the powder means it also comes with an SPF built in that helps protect your skin from damaging sun rays.
Since there are no additional ingredients, it is rather highly pigmented, so you only need a little bit to create the same effect as regular makeup products. Plus, the coverage is buildable; you can increase the amount as needed for your look.

Mineral makeup is also non-comedogenic. Meaning it won’t clog your pores (that can cause you breakouts) instead, it stays put on top of your skin – this is particularly handy if you have enlarged pores.
And get this; as mineral makeup has no additional oils, emollients, or wax in their formula, the makeup will stay put throughout the day, instead of sliding off as your skin starts to get sweaty and oily. If you have oily skin, tend to sweat a lot, or frequently outdoor, this type of makeup is perfect for you.

With all of the benefits of mineral makeup, you know for sure that it is worth it.
You might be tempted to try it out and make the switch from your regular makeup products, but hear me out: the application can be slightly different as these are heavy duty pigments.
Get a fluffy kabuki brush for a start to apply the product bit by bit to build the coverage. You can also invest in a concealer brush to apply a higher amount of product for concealing blemish that you have.

And there you have it! Everything you need to know about mineral makeup, what are your thoughts on it? Would you ever try it?

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