The Best Ingredients For Your Skincare Routine

The Best Ingredients For Your Skincare Routine

Why The Right Skincare Ingredients Are Important

Skincare ingredients are crucial for healthy skin. Certain ingredients formulated in the products will not only do what it supposed to do; but will also repair, heal, nourish, as well as protect the skin from the hazardous environment. With so many ingredients available in skin care products, which one should you look for?

Choosing The Best Type Of Skin Care Products

Different ingredients work in different ways for your skin, thus choosing the ones that are suitable for your skin needs and age is essential. And keep in mind that while you can get better results with the right ingredients, you still might want to try to get it in the form of a serum, face oil, or a moisturizer as they generally have a higher concentration that will work wonders for your skin. 

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Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is one of the most sought after ingredient in skin care as it works to brighten your skin and keeping them as younger as possible. The Vitamins works to stimulate collagen production (that eventually creates a firmer skin with reduced wrinkles), neutralize free radicals roaming within the skin, and even out skin tone and pigmentation. 

Get this ingredient in the form of a serum to provide intensive repair for your skin. Look for a derivative of vitamin C called L-ascorbic acid as this is the most useful one to work with your skin. 



You can never left out retinol if you want to talk about anti-aging; the ingredient are tiny enough to get into your skin to work its magic. 

Retinol improves skin elasticity, repairs anything that’s wrong with your skin, reverses aging, and boosting your skin to produce more new cells to improve skin’s structure, hydration level, and texture. 

Hyaluronic Acid 

Hyaluronic acid is not really an acid but rather a good stuff that keeps your skin’s super hydrated, plumped, and firmer all day long. Our body makes the acid itself and over time, the production starts to reduce that it left your skin winkly, dry, dull, and flaky. Hence, addifng hyaluronic acid from your skin care product will reverse the effect – the acid binds with water molecule as high as thousands its molecular weight to fill up and cushion the skin’s network nicely. 

You can get the ingredient in the form of essence or serum, and mix it with your regular moisturizer and night cream. 


Another ingredient that our body produces but reduces over time is ceramide, a wax-like, lipid that supports skin’s protection by creating a barrier, keeping and absorbing the good stuff in and stops the bad stuff from entering. 

Ceramides are found naturally at the topmost layer of our skin, making up to half of the skin’s composition. But as we get older, we need to add more of ceramide to our skin care products. Look for moisturizer and serum formulated with this ingredient, and notably opt for either phytosphingosine or sphingolipids – the ceramide precursor that actually stimulate our skin to produce more ceramides. 

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