Why Fast Fashion Sucks And What We Can Do About It

Why Fast Fashion Sucks And What We Can Do About It

Let’s talk about ethical fashion. What is it and why does it matter, I will answer those questions but first let’s talk about what is wrong with clothing production today. The majority of clothes produced in our stores today are produced unethically by using sweatshop and child labor to ensure a more significant profit margin.

Majority of manufacturers use fabrics that are not sustainable. Some of these fabrics include polyester, which is essentially a petroleum byproduct and conventional cotton (nonorganic) which requires billions of dollars every year in pesticides and uses 2700 liters of water to produce just one t-shirt.

These manufacturers use conventional dying practices that are harmful to the environment as they release pollutants like chromium and chlorine, to name a few. Many of the top pollutants used in the USA are probable human carcinogens.

What is Ethical Fashion?

Ethical fashion is clothing that has been produced by fairly treating and fairly paying adult workers. Ethical clothing is made with sustainable materials and fabrics like bamboo, organic cotton and hemp or reclaimed and recycled materials. And using vegetable dyes that do not harm the environment and are healthy for the farmers, the assemblers and the people who wear the clothes.

One option that you can make that is eco and budget-friendly is by purchasing second hand or vintage clothing instead of buying new clothes, this way you are giving a new home to clothes that would have just ended up in the landfill.

Why Ethical Fashion?

We all take a big part in how our lifestyles affect the environment, and we are responsible for the damages we cause. Small and simple measures can be made to achieve big changes by just switching to more sustainable patterns that are made out of low impact materials. It is essential to put Positive pressure on businesses who have yet to clean up their acts voluntarily is very easily applied by simply voting with your dollar and choosing not to buy their products until they decide to make a change.

Why Now?

The beautiful thing about the booming ethical fashion industry is the wide variety of designs, colors, cuts, fabrics, and sizes that are now available. Long stigmatized as a cousin to the burlap sack, the ethical offerings today are design-oriented. Designers nowadays have made all kinds of trendy, edgy and beautiful flattering pieces that are ethical. Reducing our footprint can be easy without the need to sacrifice style and comfort.

public awareness is one of the main driving forces of ethical fashion boom. Thanks to the exposition on large manufacturers and the fact that sweatshop labor is used for the vast majority of production can no longer be ignored. The power of boycotting these manufacturers has been demonstrated, just like the power of voting with our dollars. Thanks to documentaries like the “true cost” people are starting to realize the impact of fast fashion and what it does to our planet,

More people are starting to understand that quality is better than quantity and when it comes to high-quality ethical clothing it is better to produce in smaller batches to obtain exceptional results. Consumers are realizing the importance of voting with their dollars in order to reduce our environmental impact and support sustainable and ethical practices


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